A Poem About the Sacred

Updated on July 5, 2018
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Poetry, writing,and music are at the heart of Charmaine's loves. Not to forget swimming in the ocean,walking and wildlife.

The Sun and Moon Mountain.Something was about to take shape. I could feel it in my bones.
The Sun and Moon Mountain.Something was about to take shape. I could feel it in my bones. | Source

A Poem about the Sacred: The Sun and the Moon Mountain

The dull taupe landscape

scorchingly comes alive

through the streaks

of the bleeding sun flames that bespeak

flushing our morning dewed faces

with blazes of scarlet embraces

Something mysterious

Something beyond our radius

was about to take shape

I could feel it in my landscape

We were about to climb

The mountain of the Sun and the Moon one time

We were strangers

brought together by the sacred stager

A sudden blindfold
A sudden blindfold | Source

The ascent cried me

tired by my blood attendee

Yet, he stayed and waited

then we made the transmigrate

to the sun and moon’s summit

where once upon a time’s snippet

descended the stairs of heaven

to be made solid and interwoven

in the form of lies written

At the time, the smoke rose like tartan

thick clouds hung low

and lightening flashed with bravo

that created a sudden blindfold

Yet tonight behold

the indigo sky was oh-so

crisp and clear in tow

like a thin veneer of ice

covering sea green waters of nice

The surrounding indigo night sky dripping with electric starlight
The surrounding indigo night sky dripping with electric starlight | Source

Someone began to build a fire

a mesmerizing fire to admit

flames flickering in and out

touching our faces with warm shouts

of kindness and comfort

Our eyes drank in

the surrounding blanket of star grins

that were twinkling like fireflies

lying in the tall green grass of surprise

Someone built a fire that transfixed our gaze longlingly
Someone built a fire that transfixed our gaze longlingly | Source

People began to couple up

to keep safe and secure as a pup

Groups began to sing

their hymns of honour and pledge far seeing

The heart was experiencing

something the mind couldn’t parlance

The night was like

a jeweled tent imprinting such-like

our blood lines and minds

were intimate with a mystical Wunderkind

that could never be dissonant

We cupped each other's soul for a moment in time
We cupped each other's soul for a moment in time | Source

As we lay

in dust filled clothes from today

we felt heaven

had met earth’s haven

He and I

lay nearby

only separated by the veil

of our sleeping bags tale

unknowingly cupping

each other’s soul shake up

Who says the radiance

doesn’t occur in the ordinary subservience?

Something the mind couldn't articulate with words
Something the mind couldn't articulate with words | Source

The Mountain of the Sun and Moon made me feel

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© 2018 Threekeys


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    • threekeys profile imageAUTHOR


      2 weeks ago from Australia

      This poem was a reflection about our climb up Mt Sinai. There was something hard worn and surreal about our visit to this mountain of the sun and moon.

      Thankyou Eric for coming over to read and share your thoughts.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 weeks ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Definitely made me reflective. I like that style.


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