A Poem About a Young Politician

Updated on July 2, 2018
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Charmaine loves to create and explore the role of intuition in her life and in her freelance works of poetry and writing.

The Rose Cross
The Rose Cross | Source

A Poem about a Young Politician

The Magical Talisman and the Young Politician


This poem of twelve stanzas was inspired by a writing prompt I came across on the web recently.

The story line is there is a magic talisman that allows its keeper to read minds. It falls into the hands of a young Politician.

This poem is a mixture of truths and imagination.

I ask you “what if” and then ask you, how are we going to protect ourselves (discern) form such a person or a system. What then? What process will you have in place?

I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to post a comment and let me you know what your thoughts and feelings are.

Stanza 1

below the oxblood layers of silk

lies the seal of the Rose Cross ilk

a ring of sunny gold

where a world of old

is stamped in blushing pink

and reads the magic of TAV think

from the centre

lies a drop of Adonis’s blood vendetta

fanning out to from a fragrant rose

to reflect a desired paradise close

the mystic marriage of resurrection

the meeting place of the Rose Cross infection

is where the rose dangles from the ceiling

coning an invisible zone of wheeling and dealing

Stanza 2

the Rose Cross tribe

to aid and

encourage solutions swayed

to life’s problems like

understanding nature’s psyche

realizing the symbolism

of art forms and writings conceptualism

in the realm of ancient knowledge and truths

to move forward into life’s sleuth

those that belong

hide a small tattoo phrasing

this claims them to their tribe

and their commitment to the silence bribe

It feels like good luck is coming my way. But is it?
It feels like good luck is coming my way. But is it? | Source

Stanza 3

the tribe seeks to act like God

given the access to resources of mod

that makes them appear

knowledgeable and sincere

yet really are the reflections of the Serpent’s cunning

the slithering tongue is the tribal poisoning

streaming shooting stars

shaping flying words that spur

congeal and eject

the flickering lashes of impact

creating psychic assaults

within a magic war of thunderbolts

both within one’s mind

and within another’s mind’s timeline

Stanza 4

the young Politician

claims his status and position

by others assigning him

man made and divine authority vim

this young Politician is a loose cannon

his speech is dominating

and a silvery tizz

inciting the rage of a bonfire

fuelled by logs of hate cries

and sought after daggers of revenge

creating space changes

as the young Politician

enters your World of subjection

The Bonfire built upon the fuel of distortion ever so sublime and neglible
The Bonfire built upon the fuel of distortion ever so sublime and neglible | Source

Stanza 5

instead of walking loudly and uprightly

one now walks contritely

and hunched over

on almond coloured eggshells novae

the Rose Cross Politician

gawps and mooches direction

of your hidden memories, stories and skills set

claiming them in silhouette

as his own

his parasitic knucklebones

bulges obesity of what is not

his knowledge wisdom

and experiences of wiz

it’s only to squeeze out

those he wants to serve upshot

Stanza 6

we need to question

the Politician’s intention

because his verdant envy of every other

the young Politician’s reputation weathers

a glowing flame

he can access the yarn

of your mind’s verbal recesses

where you go to solve the evasive

the good the bad and the taboo

the young Politician’s view

is he has privy to all that is sanctified

policing and vilifying

while safe guarding

and securing his scorecard

His scorecard
His scorecard | Source

Stanza 7

the young Politician

is now given the benefaction

of the material and the Divine

he pushes and enshrines

his proclivity as a flunky seer

the young Politician’s trachea

is the 78 year old Grandmother

who looks as if butter

would melt in her mouth

she lives next door and south

with her yellow rose garden

Attila the Hun she is golden

spreading whispers of dark

to make you doubt your watermark

Stanza 8

not to forget

the flamed haired postie suffragette

the gardener who mows your lawn

or the garbage men who long term

empty your bins weekly

don’t forget the seemly

three 9 year old girls

who play twirls

at the end of your street

they too have been groomed discrete

to become shamers and bullies

because they are now the unruly

of their parent’s tribal

minds and hands of shambles

The flamed haired suffragette postie is on her way
The flamed haired suffragette postie is on her way | Source

Stanza 9

there is the gay Catholic Priest

who lives across the road to the East

from the local Catholic Church

in front of the altar he preaches

standing regally and formally

expressing words of holiness optimally

and sanctifyingly

he too bullies and vilifies

the target in his church audience

as he leaves and walks out with radiance

along the marble outside steps

the Rose Cross Politician schlepp

knows human nature

he deals out favours and misadventures

Stanza 10

the young Politician

knows your secret passion

he gives you what you need

not what you’ve been drip-fed

want a baby?

he will be your Honeybee

with the guy in the caravan park

who swings both ways on speck

and doesn’t care

who his seed wears

think you don’t look good enough anymore?

don’t worry he will explore you

but in exchange?

He holds your soul and silence like a sponge

The Honey Bee Maker
The Honey Bee Maker | Source

Stanza 11

the young Politician

instils a sneakiness direction

with your ways

that’ steams a lurid engage

because of his kind of Will

he can windchill

into your private world

all that is sacred and unprincipled

to both exploit and expose you

the young Politician miscues you

to become your nightmare seer

he walks the fake galleria

of law and order

that is supposed to be your protection upholder

Stanza 12

he is the worst kind of Serpent

sublime seducing revengeful and deviant

setting out to destroy your mind

through pitting your fears unexamined

against mankind fears

together with seducing you with a sneer

against your taboo desires

banish the young Politician liar

to a remote place

where no man can suitcase

send him to where war truly exists

so that he learns how to subsist

while preventing us oppression and suffocation

let him live out his cochineal complications

This poem makes me think

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© 2018 Threekeys


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    • threekeys profile imageAUTHOR


      2 weeks ago from Australia

      Scary it is, Rinita.

      You just never ever know.

      Thankyou for coming over to visit and sharing.

    • Senoritaa profile image

      Rinita Sen 

      2 weeks ago

      Scary, isn't it? To have someone control you this way is a nightmare. Without naming anyone, I can say for sure there

      are politicians throughout the world, and have been in the past, who do these things even without a talisman.

      Great poetry!

    • threekeys profile imageAUTHOR


      2 weeks ago from Australia

      Eric and Elijah if this poem surprised you, it also surprised me.

      All I did was think of the given creative writing prompt and the Hebrew word TAV. I had no idea of what TAV meant except it is a Hebrew letter. I had heard of the Rose Cross and that mixed with other facts and imagination.

      At the end of this poem I felt compelled to see if there was any other meaning attached to TAV. I learned that TAV stands for "truth"(and/or "mark"). The words TAV, the Rose Cross and HoneyBee led me to being introduced to Abraham and Sarah, the Seal (I had just had organized a seal animal to be rescued by the ORCA organization that same day I wrote the poem, onto Judaism and the 12th tribe of Dan. The Dan tribe moved north and named many parts of nature(mountains, lakes, land etc) So places with the Dan (or Don, Din, Den, modiifications..etc) are Denmark, London...and all the men that bear the name Dan or Danny. The Dan tribe was know as "The Judge" and represented by thr symbol of the scales. The Dan tribe consists of Judges, Lawyers and the Police. On Saturday night just passed I had an unexpected home visit from a policeman from the local Professional Police Standards committee and he introduced himself as Danny X. In a tarot hobby group I am a part of there is a Scottish guy I recently did a exchange Tarot Reading with and his name is Danny and he is Scottish (Scotland is said to also be thr home of the Dan tribe due to its ancient migration pattern) and he works for a highly regimented force (I dont know as yet whether that is Emergency Services or the Police) For me, something interesting, universal is happening or taking shape which to me is also oowee-wooee.

      Last thoughts, I dont know "how I write'. I just do and hope for the best. The best being the piece of writing finds a heartspace within another; or it hopefully doesn't "tell you" what to think but only serves you by getting you to ask more questions. That is at least what I hope for when I read an authour's piece of work.

    • The0NatureBoy profile image

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      2 weeks ago from Washington DC

      Reads like the world of today's "Deep State" leaders lifting those up who will follow his deceptive like behavior human attributes to the serpent. From where I sit, not only is it plausible but what this world is. Thank you for putting it in poetic verse.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 weeks ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting concepts. I will think of lines through the day.


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