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My First Ever Poem: The Boy Scribbler

Yusrat is a high school student from Bangladesh. She writes about Science & Technology.


Never tried to write poem before. It was actually the first time I sitted down on my study with a notebook and pen, trying to improvise my first ever verse. It wasn't a easy job actually, because I'm used to with writing literaery work of totally different kind: novel or fanfictions. A Beatles song inspired me to put the efford to compose my first ever verse. Hope you will enjoy

The Boy Scribbler

Dear Madame or Monsieur

Would you pardon me?

I am a boy from little suburb of seventeen

I have this notebook and blue ink always with me

Trying to compose something worth since sixteen

It may be a ballad, novel or poetry

But I do not perceive genre because I just adore writing

I spend my abandon time wondering

What may make me a writer through my misery

So, it is about a mariner who was legendary

he always loved thrillers, advanture and mystery

He had this unsteady job that didn't pay good money

But his finicky wife didn't understand which was severely creepy

She fired him and he ended up striding off the street

Later he left the town and sailed for Newland which was eerie

The ship sank in the dead of the night, making him fatalist

The thunder boomed over his head, as he swam across the sea

Somehow he steered himself in the southern coast, panting and coughing

Where he began wandering

But Police caught and prisoned him accusing of wanton activities

He escaped the police with his life and ran away to the country

Now he is Scotland Yard Detective, applauded by everybody

It is a hundred pages, reading it may take a while

Yet I really want you to read and scrutinize

It is kind of funny but I still hope you will like

I can make it longer if you love the style

Literally when I grow old, I want to write

But I really need money to keep up my hopes alive

I will be composimg something idyllic

But till I'm not twenty, I need someone to help me

Help me.

© 2019 Yusrat Sadia Nailat

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