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A Poem: The Birthday Girl Celebrating Twenty-Two Years of Existence.

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

A Poem: The Girl Whom I Entrusted My Life To.

The Birthday Girl.

Once Lived,

a girl in white.

Beauty and brains,

maybe not.

Oh the waters,

she hears from the yard.

Looking up the sky,

she began to dream.

Small dreams to big dreams,

through ups and downs,

She’ll make it come true


A girl who lived the slums,

always alone but never lonely.

Who would have thought,

She’s now a fine young lady.

On her own,

she learned to take big steps.

Fret not of getting lost,

she knows the way.

Sometimes getting lost…

is a blessing.

Opportunity to explore.

That’s how you learn.

Getting lost a long the way,

It’s not scary at all.

You find gems worth discovering.

always fun and interesting.

Life has been a maze.

But sure does amaze anyone.

Round and about,

She made it through.

How’s 22 years?

Feels like every season,

Life begins to an extent level.

like having a restart and reset.

Lots of fond memories,

good ones and not so good.

Quite a lot to summarize,

It might take another 22 years.

But here’s one:

there’s this girl,

Known for lengthy literary pieces

Now, she’s a writer in HubPages.

Once a childhood dream,

Now, it’s a gift of talent.

Writing to inspire millions,

is what she aspires to be.

Wishing upon the stars,

on the 7th day of July.

Will all wishes come true?

Hoping all wishes reaches the sky.

Wish before candle blowing,

Are your wishes different from the other?

What do you usually wish for?

Maybe just closing your eyes, then blow?

In every year, what does cake symbolize?

Is it the cake or the candle?

Maybe, how many slices can you handle?

You can have a bite, leave the rest.

Now, I realized…

there’s no more need for Quarantine Birthday.

You can now have it your way.

Well just be cautious, Covid’s still there.

There’s more to Live.

Some you have to leave behind.

More things to discover, to enjoy.

some maybe just let it be unknown for now.

We don’t have to know everything.

Can get a little fascinating and overwhelming.

No need to rush or be pressured.

You’ll learn about them soon at the right time.

For the birthday girl,

I wish you well and hopefully better years for you.

I’m sorry for crashing and wasting most of the 21 years.

I’m working on it to make it up to you.

Enjoy your trips and days to come.

You deserve it. Treasure it.

Years might not go smooth again,

But you’ll get through, just believe.


Your 21 years old Self.


© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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