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A Poem: Return to Sender

Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.



She sent me
my letter
-ten pages long –
stuffed in the envelope
I sent
with the address I wrote.


She sent me
my letter
with a “return to sender!”
spelled out in
big, angry blue
formed by a hard-pressed
in a stiff, stiff hand.


She sent me
my letter
as an answer to my plea:
to rekindle a flame
I was too foolish to realize
had long been snuffed out.


She sent me
my letter,
and many years later,
I’d realize it was the best thing
to happen to me.


Another flame will burn
and this one will last.
Now, letters I send
are letters never returned.
They’re kept like jewels.
They’re kept close to the soul
of a woman who knows
the flames still burns.


As for the other
-so many years ago
she may have sent me
my letter
but those thoughts and feeling found
in those ten pages
found a new home.
And the only “return to sender”
is the love I get

in return.

Original Format.

Original Format.

© 2022 Dean Traylor