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A Poem: Lost Thoughts Buried Deep

With the darkest of my thoughts transferred to written words at times I can see the light.

Lost to Alzheimer's

Lost to Alzheimer's

Lost Thoughts Buried Deep

I sit alone;

surrounded by darkness

submerged in my own psyche

searching for lost thoughts;

buried deep,

amid uninvited shadows

that lurk inside my head.

I stare through the charcoal molecules

dancing before my eyes

a monstrous vacuum...

I know there is nothing to see;

nothing at all.

I listen to the forlorn stillness

a sepulchral silence

envelopes me

I know there is nothing to hear;

nothing at all.

I reach deeper;

inside my expiring brain

scavenging for what I once knew

in a disappearing mindless pool

that was once my memory.

There is nothing...

in this ebony pitt...

nothing at all.

My mind is void;

a vacant hollow;

my thoughts lost in a sea of grey

a swirling mass of memories


gone a stray.

A malady of parasites

have found my thoughts

the leeches won't let go;

filthy toothed creatures

I feel them slowly gnawing

on all that I once knew.

Obscurity steals through my head

a dark and evil fiend

all is left to float forever

abandoned to an abyss

a forgotten mind of memories

and lost thoughts admist

an intellect of dying cells

finally suppressed.

I sit alone; in the darkness

forsaken and forlorn

within this desolate chasm

of lost thoughts

and emptiness

engulfed by isolation;

an eternal limbo

now my home.

* * * * *

Author's Note

Alzheimer's is a horrible disease, coveting without mercy. Alzheimer's can be a silent monster lurking in the shadows for quite some time before finally deciding to pounce; creeping among the grey; steeling memories and thoughts; memories of special moments and thoughts of those most dearest. Sucking everything from the mind, leaving nothing but a shell: an empty, lonely lost, shell.

© 2011 Gabriel Wilson

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