A Poem I Wrote For My Colorblind Crush

Updated on June 28, 2020
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Was lovestruck when I wrote this. Currently in love with Shawarma.

just thought this was clean-looking

to him, from a lovestruck me 7 months ago

you know how people always say "you bring color to my life" as declarations of love? well, to my colorblind crush—

you bring me red when we meet and my face burns up and your heartbeat accelerates. when you smile with your cherry flavored lip balm and wear your overused red band pants. when you open a bottle of coke and i roll my eyes because i prefer pepsi.

you bring me orange when the sunset hits you just right, letting your eyes turn into pools of honey. when your tanned skin glows and i fall for you even more.

you bring me yellow when i look in your eyes and see a city of stars, hoping that it's shining for me. when you hum Sunflower by rex orange county or play your guitar with its yellow 'caution' strap.

you bring me green when we ride your motorcycle and pass through all your favorite fields. when you tease me and call me "mountain dew" and your voice remains in my head.

you bring me blue when you're beside me and i inhale your scent, making me smell the sea and its breeze whenever i close my eyes. when i daydream of you and i as i look up to the sky. when i remember you're not mine and my mood turns for the worse.

you bring me indigo whenever you borrow my pen, giving you the indigo colored-one because it's my favorite among the rest. when your late reply pops up from our indigo-colored chatbox.

you bring me violet when we ride home, right when the night starts to settle in and all that's left of the bright afternoon is a lilac sky. when you looked at my flipbook of a sunset and joked about touching its wet paint.

you bring me gray when i touch your hands and my fingers start to tingle, reminding me of all the television static and how this must be what it feels like. when you're around me and my thoughts are all jumbled and hard to understand. when you introduced yourself in class and said called yourself a blank canvas.

and you bring me so many other colors,
perfect for you, the blank canvas.
but it's so sad to think
that everything between us, like wishes and dreams of being with you,
is something that won't bother coming true.

and it's such a shame too,
that the vibrancy,
and the beauty of it all
are just black and white to you.

© 2020 cheesethatisblue


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    • Ankita B profile image

      Ankita B 

      2 weeks ago

      Such beautiful descriptions. I loved reading your poem. Welcome to Hubpages.


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