House Divided

Updated on January 20, 2018
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Charmaine loves to create and explore the role of intuition in her life and in her freelance works of poetry and writing.

Mind the Gap
Mind the Gap | Source


Casting judgements and putting people or experiences into boxes simplifies life and allows you to store more information to discern what is acceptable and what is to be discarded.

In 2018 our country Australia embraced same sex marriage, legally.

Surprisingly, I found myself being begrudgingly acquiescent and wondered why all the hoo-ha?

Why did this stance pull out unseen badges of self-pride about how someone has sex with someone who shares the same plumbing system?

Why did legalizing same sex marriage take over and stamp our 2018 New Year Fireworks celebration? This action didn’t shift my perspective that Australia was now an egalitarian country. To me, we are no longer the “fair go” country. Australia is growing the divide between the rich and the poor.

My house is divided.

My instinct is to understand and be accepting, yet, I, too, have been influenced or damaged form personal experiences that introduces personal biases. I guess, I am like you, a ball of contradictions.

Here, is a little poem that expresses my personal feelings about being straight versus being a person who is gay, bisexual or transgender. Please feel free to leave a comment

Takes Differences to Create Symmetry
Takes Differences to Create Symmetry | Source

Sexual Sorbets: How to Keep the Flavour

Naïve, prior or older,

flimsy thinking led me to believe,

the pleasure in relationships we weave

is about feeling good and doing good

Yet, walking in and out

of life’s revolving doors of sexual sorbets

let’s loose the entrance of sickbay,

that is, difficult people and difficult relationships

Feasts and famines

pained and liberated a set of expectations,

leading to chronic self-blame,

setting me off to ways in primal understanding

Hurt people, hurt people.

Hurt people don’t “get it”.

They are damaged and are of cruel emits,

scarring souls for times to come.

An Array of Sorbets
An Array of Sorbets | Source

Trickery, heat and frame,

Accrued time out from relationships.

Here, I formed ambivalent scripts,

to being in relationships.

Life is about love and equality.

And it doesn’t mean your way,

is my bouquet.

I am fine with that.

Different sex, same sex.

gender differentiation brings ease.

Boundaries are drawn and seized.

We know the cards we have been dealt.

Whether straight, gay or in between,

we share the excruciating pain,

of a seed exchange,

when outside the sanctity of a major bond.

A Pair of Sorbets
A Pair of Sorbets | Source

Whether it is a he or a she,

rubbishing your commitment through

neglect and ridicule ballyhoo,

goes against prophesising you are a trophy to family and friends.

Maybe you need to exchange your cat

for a lunch box?

I am happy with my squeezebox,

cupping the crown jewels.

Happy times of

sexual sorbets,

or, autoeroticism, may not hiss and bubble,

like the scurrilous expresso sex of gay, bi or transgender.

Irrespective of sexual expression,

it is human to want to be validated and accepted.

We therefore, need to adapt,

and not play hangman together.

Relationships can be hell disguised as heaven,

I choose not to play Russian Roulette with HIV.

So, please stay on your side of the cheer,

do not force your insecurities onto me.

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    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 7 weeks ago from Australia

      Who you want to have sex with is between each of the people concerned. But I have been made aware of either lesbians pretending to be a friend to heterosexuals only to intentionally wear them down or lure them into having sex. Or people with HIV who hide their status and/or practice unsafe promiscious sex. To my way of thinking have sex. Enjoy sex. But dont kill someone because of sex.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 7 weeks ago from USA

      The last stanza threw me a little. I'm a live and let live kinda person. I think people so just go be themselves and seek happiness, whatever that entails as long as it's between consenting adults.

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 8 weeks ago from Australia

      Like or love, is about what works for two people.

      Hopefully though, it's not where one suffers unduly at the hands of another in the relaiotnship and this is somehow construed as love.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 8 weeks ago from Riga, Latvia

      No matter what anyone else says I think that if a person can find another person to love it doesn't matter what kind of relationship they have as long as they make each other happy.

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 2 months ago from Australia

      No not like Eunichs.

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 2 months ago from Australia

      I just felt I needed to say, too Elijah, that I believe that as we humans integrate further in our archetypal consciousness, our once divided masculine (active) and feminine (passive) sides will strive to show the differing levels of fusion. And I think that is why more than ever now we are now seeing the birth of children with varying sexual/gender expressions outside the simple division of masculine (male) and feminine (female).

    • The0NatureBoy profile image

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 2 months ago from Washington DC

      Well, my sister, As always you keep me in the dictionary to comprehend what you are saying, I don't have the deep vocabulary you process. Yet, being a seer of - or seeking - the 360 degrees of everything I did find comprehension of your informing poetry.

      On the social level I agree 100% but on the "spiritual" level I say "to each his own. My reasoning for the latter is we have or will experience living each position of the LGBT sexual life type and, just as the earth is an integrated conglomeration of life-types consuming one another to maintain their specie and the earth, every human/woman [not genders] must work to maintain the life-style they embody. Thus I readily saw, while reading it, why all "human/woman" must disappear to leave man only to carry the torch of our specie upon the earth during this civilization or world's termination which is at hand.

      When I looked at the "House Divided" title my mind readily thought about the nation of Australia, because it is your sanctuary, then the USA, mine. Following the words "House Divided" is "can not stand" and because the USA is the most divided nation on earth I realized how it will be the USA to fall first (Daniel 2:45) leading to the finial collapse of all nations.

      With all of the work it took me to comprehend your presentation, I really enjoyed reading it and believe it, minus how you feel about it although was or will be your attitude when you are manifested as either one, is correctly presented. [Your wording is why I find it difficult to reply to much of your work.]



      Environmentally there is little "abstinence" and by my observing the true definition of "Eunuchs" as "one who is unable to father children, some from birth and others made by other man" it does not mean abstinence. As I've defined it, it means "inability to father children."

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 2 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Well done friend. You truly made me think some thoughts. I cannot remember a time in the last decade where what someone did with another within their abode hurt me in any way.

      But being crazy as I am and your last stanza; Shouldn't we have a category of Abstinence? (not but kind of like Eunichs)