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Coming Of Age ( A Poem For My Daughter)


I remember when you were a baby,

and I held you close.

I rocked you in my arms and told you

you're what I love most.

I swore I'd never let you go,

and I'd always dry your tears, but my

promise to you got lost down through the years.

I always thought about you, and

I wondered how you were. The emptiness

I felt inside was raw and it hurt.

When i did see you again,

I was so surprised. You stood there

a young woman, right before my eyes.

You were so beautiful,

I could not believe,

That something as lovely as you,

could be a part of me.

I want to make it up to you,

All the time we lost.

I want you to know that I still love

you most.

You're precious and you're special,

to me you are my my world, and

though you the years have passed,

You're still mommy's little girl.

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