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A Poem For Books


Man's best friend!
Like a stone, Like sand,
Like a palm Leaf, Like paper,
Yesterday you were a computer, today you are a cell phone,
Art that works with a man!
Habitat of grammar,
Collection of Literature!
Location of history,
Freedom of the Future is a book!
Guard of virtue,
The Strength of Community is a book!
A book of timeless art!
Art of arts,
A book is an art of encouraging art!
In lines like the river, a bizarre book that summarizes the oceanic message!
The sacred that praises and protects the sacred,
A shield that protects the guidelines to live,
The medicine that teaches wisdom for generations,
A book that specializes in teaching biology, including history!
It is a book to imprint the clarity of the mind internally and passes it on to generations!

by Jaydeep Krishna

A poem for books, a classic poem,

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