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A Poem About Waiting

Dragonflies are flying low.
The sky is so blue.
The clouds are parting.
The trees are swaying.

Fifteen minutes.

I am sitting in the open.
The ants are crawling.
The background music fades.
My muscles are starting to cramp.

Thirty minutes.

The mosquitoes are acting crazy.
I am starting to get drowsy.
People passing by are nodding in my way.
Now, I am starting to get thirsty.

One hour.

There are forty-six dragonflies and eight birds flying up above.
The sky is getting dark.
The noises are getting in my head.
I am pissed.

Two hours.

Twenty four people passed me by.
Ten of them looked in my direction.
Fourteen just went by.
I feel betrayed.

Three hours.

I can see now your car.
You are waving.
You are smiling.
I am pissed.
I feel betrayed.
I love you.
It's crazy.
I smiled back.

© 2020 Old Notebook Poetry

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