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A Poem About Unconditional Love Towards Others

Behold My Beautiful Siren!

Behold my beautiful siren,

We met above the sea.

The others don't understand

How much you mean to me.

They hear the echos of the waters,

embedded in your voice

I heard this all along

and still you were my choice.

Your deed of darkness are well-known

they run incredibly deep.

The price I paid to be with you

wasn't quite so steep.

My life that I have given

cannot even compare

To the complexity of your beauty,

My Lady, you are fair!

Your brokeness, your hurt

You left that all behind.

You emerged from the waters,

not knowing what you'd find.

And still my Siren left,

I ushered her to stay.

She pleaded for one more swim

And then went on her way.

They claimed me for a fool,

Said I should have known.

They watch only from a distance

Ignoring what we've sown.

I miss my beautiful Siren,

She lies just below the sea.

I row out every night,

and hope she's waiting for me.

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