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A Poem About Self Doubt - Prison Cell

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I am always fascinated on the power of lyricism and poetry. This poem is inspired by stories about experiences at Silliman Bea

A Poem about Self Doubt - Prison Cell

A Poem about Self Doubt - Prison Cell

"Prison Cell"

I live in a prison cell
A small dark room
With enough space to breathe
To stretch my body
And to write poetry

The only light I have is from a small window
An opening in the wall from the east
Its light for less than 4 hours
Gives me inspiration to live

I must admit
My conditions are very depressing
I can only speak with my own voice
From the echos of the wall

Several times I jumped up the window
Try to take a peek
But the height is way above my reach
And I can’t jump high, because my knees are weak

I’m trapped here
It's hard to accept
But I think it's the reality I have to endure
Endure is the word
The perfect word if we all want to survive

I have no recollection of how I got here
What was my crime
When it started
Where it happened
My memory failed to provide me relief
Relief of knowing how everything begun
But sadly, I’m serving my sentence

I'm a prisoner
Tainted in black and white stripes
Caged inside fears
Caged inside doubts
Caged inside the lack of belief

I don’t know
When will be my release?
Will I be serving for life?
A decade?
Or only for a week?

I'm a prisoner
How about you?
Are you free?
Free to enjoy what life has to give?
Free to make your own choices?
Free to follow your dreams?

Maybe yes?
If No
Please tell the jail guards
Ask them, please
Choose the prison cell
Beside or in front of me