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A Poem about Daughters & Sons Going to College, Leaving Home, Parents Letting Adult Child Go - A Key For Home

Boxes are all packed

The truck is ready to go

Standing before me,

I'm shocked

To see that you're grown.

A wife and a mother

No longer a child,

My precious baby

Sweet girl

For such a short while.

Where is that little girl

Who always needed me so?

Neither in front, nor behind,

Where has she gone?

Her little girl giggle

Sometimes whispers

A trace of a melody

The refrain of a song,

A bit of my memory

To carry along.

There are moments

That seem

An eternity to take,

Then there are those

So fleeting,

So fragile,

You fear if you breathe,

They will break.

Somewhere in-between

Is where this moment fits in,

There is so much to say

So little time,

I don't know

If I know

where to begin.

We've prepared

For this moment

All of your life,

One day it would happen

I've always known,

You would have to go out

Chasing dreams of your own.

To be independent

Following where life led,

I prayed softly

Each night

As I put you to bed.

"Sleep peacefully

My little one,

Dream of days

That will come,"

I crooned

As I rocked you

Close to my breast,

"Up above you will soar

Your wings you will test."

Sweet angel girl

With a devilish grin

It's hard to imagine

How quickly

Has passed,

Moments that sped by

From beginning

To end,

From the first

To the last.

"Reach for the stars

Be happy and safe,"

Another prayer

Another time

While lying awake,

Waiting to hear

A key in the door,

"Love well

And be loved,"

They all are things

I wished and prayed for.

That you would be healthy

And happy,

All of you days.


Able to look back

And be proud,

Of the life you had made.

Skeptics who say

Prayers are not answered

Wishes can't come true,

I know are mistaken,

Standing before me

You are the proof.

I am awed by the sight.

Of your vision and fire

Your strength of character

Your compassionate heart.

I marvel and wonder

At all you've accomplished

Already done

My heart swells

With pride

To know this person

That you've become.

It's time to go

You're ready to leave

To take flight from the nest,

To fly high

To be free,

Adventures await

What will life bring?

I am happy for you

It is how it should be

For this is the natural

Order of things.

I will miss you

So much more

When you are gone,

Tears now are threatening

My fragile veneer of calm.

There's just one more thing

Hold out your hand

I've something that is yours

You must take it with you,

Keep it in a safe place

Tuck it away,

Insurance of sorts

Against some rainy day.

Always remember

No matter how high you may fiy

Or how far you may roam,

If ever you need it

You've a key in your pocket

Your key to home.

- Kristen Burns-Darling

©2011 (all rights reserved)

Ashley and I 1990

Ashley and I  June 1990

Ashley and I June 1990

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