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A Place at the Table

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A place at the table

Is there a place for me at the table?

Or should I just bake a cake?

Do you see me as equal?

Or would that be my mistake?

Do you see me as a Martha?

Too busy and in a rush.

As I strain to listen

And tune into the hush.

Is there a place for me at the table?

If not, I will sit on the floor.

Or is that just awkward

Should I apologise once more?

Do you have a work life balance?

Emotions and compassion are seen as weak.

Making room for family,

Suggests you are past your peak.

There is a place at the table,

Where no favouritism exists.

Where acceptance is more favourable,

Than any successful "A" list.

So come to the Father's table,

Come find nurture beyond compare.

Find a depth of intimacy,

That simply cannot compare.

By Patricia Ann Ward 16/12/2017

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