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A Pinch of Heavy Metal Seasoned Musical Parody

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Beware of the lead singer with the radioactive anger

Wearing dreads and leather pants two sizes too small

With the persuasive sway of a Slash like guitar player

Laying down enough hard-hitting attitude laced chords

To bring down Fenway Park three times over

Lyrics that could entice a good Catholic girl to go bad

Transforming into a White Snake video vixen

Climbing on top of limos with seductive ease

A front man that everyone wants to be with or become

An elusive subject that cannot be obtained or contained

An ego that knew no bounds or had no boundaries to speak of

Tried to grab onto the brass ring of solo stardom with baby oiled hands

So close to individualized success, but too far from achieving it

Journey that seems to have no end in sight

Just when one dream made into a slippery reality

Bottom drops out from the box of success

Revealing a larger thornier ladder to climb

Have been climbing for days before exhaustion kicked in

Unable to see what's in front or behind them

Eyelids heavier than those hurricane sandbags

Searching for the lost art of self and song discovery

Trying to be more in control of the uncontrollable

Taking charge in song writing and the business end of things

Owning the fact that success meant nothing without your friends

The boys in the band who helped balance the suppressed rage

Desire to consume everything legal and otherwise

Stepped close to the razor's edge of Occam's purview

Making the simple overtly complicated

Letting the madness take over for too long

Taking a step background to see the bigger picture

Realizing that a well-deserved break was in order

A cruise around the Orient to get some perspective

A needed release before finally going over the edge of the cliff

Vacation better than the alternative

Better to make it to the end quietly than tragically.

Ready. Set. Excess.

Ready. Set. Excess.

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