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A Person With a Coal of Fire Does Not Play by River Bank #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

She could not utter a word as she continues to look at them while they talk because she

Was in shock. When they discovered that she has maintained absolute silence, they took her

Back to the island to be treated by the medical personnel in the island. She would not come

Off this shock and about four months after this incident, she died. The business woman

Asks to know how the story she has said has been any of her business. Then she replied her

That the story she told her is an illustration of what she was dabble into, for she was the

Woman with the only child who wants to cross a river with a plank placed across it with

Her only child, she told her that politics is like the deadly river that kills everyone who falls

Into it. The plank placed across the river, is becoming a member of the political party. She

Told her that what she wants to embark upon is extremely dangerous for her, and she

Should back out, telling her a proverb of the island that says, a person with a coal of fire does

Not play by the river bank, because doing that the coal of fire on his hand may accidentally

Fall into the river and he will be at loss. During the ancient days when matches have not

Been made, people especially those on their farmland when they want to cook on the farm

Would go to other people who have been cooking to take charcoal of fire from them. Many

Of those farmlands have streams and or rivers separating farmlands from each other.

Thus, while returning with the coal of fire on them, they would not play by the river bank to

Avoid losing the coal of fire if it falls into the Stream. She said she understands her that

She has been deeply involved in the politics of the island as she has spent lots of money

For the political party of the island. Her friend says she understands and tells her that she

Should consider her safety and the safety of her child and back out of the game for God

Knows how to restore everything she has lost back unto her. She promises to look

Into what she has said and work towards actualizing it. She was grateful to her friend for

Coming to deliver the message to her. After seeing her friend off, she went to the

Shania Twain - Today Is Your Day

Political gathering that they had that day. On getting there, the encomium among other

Things that she received make her swept the discussion she had with her friend aside as she

Continues with the politics of the island. She was nominated for a position by the political

Party she belongs to. While on electioneering in different parts of the island, she used

To go to the campaign ground with her daughter. In one of the islands that she gets to, her

Convoy was attacked by some hoodlums and her only daughter died in the process. Then

She remembered the counsel of her friend that, a person with a coal of fire never plays

By the river bank. After this incident, she couldn’t continue with the campaign again and

Her position was given to someone else, someone who has not labored for the position.

She returned though to her business but she was a shadow of herself. People on seeing

What has betide her, advised her to adopt a child, but she turned down the advice. Some

Family members started to think she will eventually will her properties to them, but that

Did not happen, because when she discovers that her health is failing her by the day, she

Checks for the email of someone she has met on the social media and discourse with the

Person of what she has in mind to do. She knows she won’t live long because she has been

Seeing her late husband and daughter appear to her in her dreams and she knows death

Is nigh by her. The person she gets is from a distant land, from another continent, this person

She tells to help her share the money with some indigent people in his island and build a

For an island whose name she gave him because the island has no school. After telling

Him all, she opens an offshore account for him, gets him a certificate of transfer of ownership

Of the money and the money was transferred to the man. Some months after this she died peacefully in her sleep.


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