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A Person With a Coal of Fire Does Not Play by River Bank #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The woman is a successful business woman in the island. She got married to the love of

Her life at a tender age. She and her love live happily for twenty years before they could give

Birth to a baby girl. A year and a week after given birth to her daughter her husband died.

For her love for her spouse, she decides not to remarry again, for she says she wants from

The world nothing again. God has blessed her and her husband before his demise and all the

Wealth of her husband becomes hers’ after her demise. She decides to grow the business

Empires and take care of her daughter. However when politics wants to start in the island

As it has been globally approved that government and leaderships should be by the people

And for the people, she was talked to, to come into politics they showed her so many things

That she will gain if she comes into politics, outside that, she will grow her business

Empire if she could be a politician because she will also be wielding political power which

Other women who are into business would not be able to wield and she would by that surpass

All of them. she initially did not want to consent to this, but she was told that she is the

Only woman who has been invited into the politics among all the wealthy women in the

Island and she needs to give the matter a serious consideration. After serios consideration

She decides to join politics, she has money and now she is seeking for political power

Which would enhance her to promote her business. After joining politics she was contacted

By a remarkably close woman who is a star gazer. They had been friends since her childhood

Days and when she gets to her house asking to see her, she did not hesitate to ask her

Security agents to let her in. when the woman gets to her, after greeting themselves the

Woman told her what had brought her to her. She started by telling her a story of a woman

Who gave birth to ten children. The woman lost seven of her children to a virus disease

That ravaged her island. She was guiding the three children jealously but one day storm

Arose and the walls collapsed on two of those children while sleeping, they died on the

Celtic Music - Mourning Song

The Spot. While mourning the demise of her two children, she wants to go to the

Neighboring island. There was a river that she would cross before getting to the neighboring

Island. The bridge on the island was made with tiny planks and it requires good concentration

Else one’s leg slips and one falls into the river. And all the people who have fell into the

River in the past times could never be rescued alive. Her mind however insists on going to

The island. She confided in one of her friends who told her that she can leave her child

Behind if she wants to go. But she says she does not wish to leave her child behind, then

The person counsels her to wrap the baby to her back since the baby is yet young, by that she

Will be able to carry her baby to the other side of the river without issues. She thanks her

Friend promising that she will do that. However, when she was leaving her abode she

Did not wrap the baby to her back, for she says, she will do that when she gets to the river

Bank. At the river bank, she did not wrap her baby to her back for she asks her baby to

Hold tightly to her as she walks across the plank stretched across the river. While walking

On the plank when they got to the middle of the river, the plank shook and the legs of the

Baby fell off, while struggling to save her baby she discovers that she wants to fall into the

River too, thence she leaves her baby and the baby fell into the river. She watches her

Baby cry as the child falls into the river. The cry of the baby attracts fishermen around and

They tried to rescue the baby but before the baby could be rescued she is already gone. The

Fishermen ask her why she has failed to intimate them when she wants to cross for they

Would have come to her aid to help her carry her baby across.


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