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A Perfect Day at the Beach

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood

Nothing more beautiful than this!

Nothing more beautiful than this!

I sat with my toes buried in the warm sand,

Watching the waves as they crashed on the shore.

My mind drifted in and out of complete bliss,

Shivers ran down my spine as cold spray hit my cheeks.

The sun beat down on my vulnerable skin,

Hugging me tightly with its rays.

What more could I ask for,

On such a perfect day by the sea?

That’s when beauty rose from the whitewashed surf,

Shaking water and sand from her long flowing hair.

Beads of water glistened in the light,

As they ran down her tan body.

Oh how I yearned to be a bead on her breast,

The one to tickle her and grab her attention as I fall.

Falling playfully down to her navel,

Where I come to rest playfully at her waist.

She approaches me as I stare like I fool,

With a smile she acknowledges my gaze.

Bending down to grab her towel,

She steals a kiss from my lips.

My heart is aflutter and my mind begins to race,

I pull her to my lap and into my embrace.

We watch the sea and those who imbibe in it,

And wish only for another perfect day at the beach.

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