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To Have a Peaceful World Is Our Dream


To Have a Peaceful World Is Our Dream

Stacked and piled in rows and tiers

Lay crates of guns and bullets to fire,

Destruction is what some people conspire

Though a peaceful world is what we desire.

Can’t you realise, can’t you see?

Their greed for power won't let us be

Let us spread love and put an end to tyranny

That's the only way to set us free.

Enough of this misery, enough of death

That’s blood you see in those pools in red!

So with poison, don't let your minds be fed

Let's calm down and take a peaceful breath.

Inside your heart don't let hatred grow

Feel the warmth within and let it glow,

Find kindness for people and make it show

Cherish unity and find love to flow.

Together we can still try and cope

With the devastation around us while we still have the scope,

Spread love and peace across the globe

Don’t give up; let’s pray and hope.

This world deserves to see a stop to the screams

Of innocent children and dying war victims,

So let us work together and be one big team

Since to have a peaceful world is our dream.

Farah N Huq


© 2022 Farah N Huq

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