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A Passerby, Are You Not?

Hyn Edwit is a university student. He wrote this piece after finally (but with difficulty) got up and walked the track.

Did this idea ever occur to you?

That self-pity is

an excruciating comfort

I indulge myself in, so often

that tears became elusive entities

as I plead for a materialization

of what I'm actually going through

A proof, an evidence of the holes within me

Yes. I'm suffering, all this time...

Had this thought ever occurred to you?

Everytime you laugh and tell

stereotypical dialogues you're

designed to say is

how frequent I put up

the pretense of comfort washing

over my face...

As my trembling hands should tell you otherwise

And, did this picture ever occurred to you?

That I tried to let go of

life once, twice, thrice... countless

times but ended up not doing it

'cause even I'm afraid of death,

even I have dreams and fantasies,

even I know how precious life is,

even I wanted to believe in you

in society, in love, in family, in friends

in... me

It never occurred to me how

oblivious you are when I'm here

desperately pleading for help

Ah... wait, it did occur to me

that even after you read this

you'd never even think of me

My pitiful cry from merely

a string of words

that'll be forgotten

and will dwindle

in just a few moments

as I helplessly watch

you all just

passing by

© 2020 Hyn Edwit

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