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A Painful Struggle

A Painful Struggle

Staring at the fading sun
Wishing for it not to fade
Afraid of the dark night
Because it reminds her
Of the pain she experienced

Disgusted by her own bruises
Living in the fear of darkness
Asking herself what wrong did
She do to deserve those bruises
Having no answers to the question

She wished she could run away
From the pain but how
How does one run away from their
Own misery, no she had to face it
But how! she Wondered

She wasn't strong enough
To face her own demons
The pain was so deep that
It pierced her own soul
Was there really nothing
She could do to ease the pain

Wiping the tears
That threatened to come out
She felt her skin growing cold
As darkness slowly descends
She promised herself to get

I know she will
She will overcome all
This one day she will
Tell this story but
As of now it's still
A struggle

© 2021 Judith Camila Adongo

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