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A Painful Goodbye

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Jeff Zod enjoys classical poetry. He enjoys reading poetry from great historical poets as well as modern poets.

With love that blossomed,

Future was certain to conquer,

Despite the distance we loved,

Larger than life our love was,

In love our hearts were woven,

Promises we gave to eternity,

To love with love unconditional,

And walk into the future together.

Not a day would end without a call,

A minute turning to hours on phone,

Planning a future we were certain,

Each day our hopes never dwindled,

Rekindled with great love we had,

Igniting sparks of fire in our heart,

Love that was brazing for all to see,

Making our lives glitter in happiness.

Great love, a dream comes true,

To me it was a king you were,

Brighter my life was, made me queen,

A crown of your love over my head,

Beauty of a heart in love I had,

Life was a rose you made it be,

Beauty of a scent sweet and pure,

Sweet fragrance love I smelled.

I made you my world all I knew,

Gave my heart no holding back,

A day without you felt eternity,

Saw my life blossom with gladness,

My love for you couldn’t love another,

Only you made my days blighter,

Held my world only for you,

Loving you all I ever wanted,

Without you life never felt perfect.


One day this love turned cold,

All I knew started blowing away,

Like a mirage a great love turned,

My name on your lips turned sour,

Didn’t understand why you changed,

Struggled to understand why now,

Promises all flew away in oblivion,

Our Love candle slowly melting away.

Started ignoring changing plans,

Waited for you to come visit home,

Days ended no explanation given,

Ignoring while avoiding every plan,

My calls turned away, always busy,

Sweet words you turned sour,

My name on your lips became bitter,

Giving excuses with empty promises.

How I wished we could talk,

But each time you picked my call,

Tired you were couldn’t speak,

Became distant from the man I knew,

Avoiding talking about us any more,

Wondering why you shut me down,

Killing life away from our relationship,

Watering down fireworks in our lives.

In your life you locked me out,

Worried about you much I cared,

Love inside me always strong,

Didn’t want me asking about you,

In cold out in the darkness,

No news of how your day was,

In the jungle out of falling snow,

You locked me never cared,

Throwing away what meant to me most.

Cold shoulder couldn’t lean on,

Told you it hurts me and apologized,

Nothing changed still ignored me,

Apology accepted forgiveness granted,

You confessed I have a good heart,

A heart you abused took for granted,

With time I learned to be strong,

Finally decided can’t force your love.

Days passed I saw your message,

A poem my mentor dedicated to me,

Used it to blame for our broken love,

Said its one among the issues you’ll be fine,

Didn’t believe for it took you so long,

While all you did was ignore me,

But even my mentor confession,

A confession that we are just friends

Couldn’t change you still walked away.

Today I learnt to let go your love,

Pains my heart you ignored me,

Not even a chance to know the reason,

Time is a healer healing will come,

Deep inside though am torn apart,

Pain worth a life time of misery,

But have to learn to say goodbye,

Loved you with all I had my darling,

Unconditional love all I gave to you.

© 2019 J Zod

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