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A Not-So-Timid Love

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

You know our passion,

Starting to burn like fire.

We are the latest fashion,

And we are their greatest desire.

Burning hot and burning bright,

Lead them all through the dark.

Keep it close and keep it tight,

Show them that our love is stark.

Strip emotions bare,

Lay us out in the nude.

Run your fingers through our hair,

Don’t be calloused, nor be rude.

We value your complete honesty,

Do not hide behind a smile.

We want truth can’t you see,

That you should hang around a while?

Please don’t rush to conclusion,

That we cannot feel emotion.

This would be a staunch delusion,

Because our feelings are in motion.

Words of praise,

Words like thunder.

At my body you may gaze,

Between the sheets full of wonder.

Innocent is our every touch,

Please don’t ever cower.

I know my love may be more than much,

But this needn’t ever turn sour.

Show me what is underneath,

The timid front that you put up.

So that I may willingly bequeath,

A love that shall fill your cup.

This is a love best left to us Gods,

Not for the faint of heart.

Look at all those sorry sods,

Finished before they could get a start.

Come walk with me, hand in hand.

Come walk with me, hand in hand.

Amor Enim Omnia

For me to deny my love to another, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual, would be sin of the worst kind; and to be denied love from another is a pain I find nearly unbearable. This is why I never hold back my feelings of love and attraction. To do so would be a death before death, and with all there is to suffer in the world a lack of love is not something I wish for anyone to know. When I see someone holding themselves back from love, the yearning for something new to ignite their passions being repressed, my heart shatters.

Let us ignite the fires of passion together, and escape the chains of daily life.

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