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A Normal Life

I think I have a chance to live a normal life
There's nothing wrong with that
I can smile and hope I'm not hurting anyone
I want to think about other people
I think I do, actually more than you know
I wanna' be with you, but I'm not alone
How can I be when I have nothing to fear?

Being on your own is not about sharing
It's swinging high and low in the sun and rain
You know what you're about
The mistakes you make carry your weight
Your shoulders may hurt but not your imagination
You do it your way, the old folks may not understand
If they don't want to know then who was it for anyway?

A boat coming up the river, grab the rope
I'm came to you and said a few things
I'm not able to say it in a way that makes it plain
If you need a hint then look into my eyes
A sparkle is so loud, but you need more
The band in my head isn't the one you heard
Whatever is playing is not so hard to figure out

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