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A Night Untold


How could I describe the night, an angel stole my heart
Should I speak about the glamour or the details of her art?
It was heaven I tell you, every word and every touch
That bad ass' lips of an angel, I couldn't get enough!

She came to me with a hand and I shaked it with a smile
Our names were changing colours in Baby Tangling Style.
Her hand fits with mine as we talked the night away
A Nightingale in the sky, fading fifty shades of grey.

The touches slid her hair and down down wraps her hips.
Her scented body fumes, her burgundy chappy lips.
How could I put in words the butterflies here inside
These letters in my heart are breaking out to glide.

With a simple stare I melt and there I fell in love
But was it just so sudden to release the captive doves?
Well then, roses were red and violets were blue
When she told me she's into me, what else can I do?

Her lightning strucked my fragile heart with a soft and gentle kiss.
By thunder there it trembled the greatness of my abyss.
I barely couldn't believe it, as fast as the speed of light.
Where a catastrophic devastation just happened in a night.

A sound in the call of Gabriel, woke the sleeping siren,
As the window light reveals us laying like nesting ravens.
A picturesque of war in the aftermath of Eden
A legendary narrative of Armageddon in heaven.

"No strings attached, no words to spread"
The secret parting vows in spare of wine and bread.
'I do' for I agree but I'll keep on hold to the signing pen,
For only to return it... "until we meet again..."

With the setting of aurevoirs and the closure of our memoirs.
The myth of parting valleys embarked in the door before us.
By the agreement of our smile closes the curtain lights
It'll just be like, one of the untold stories in the Thousand Arabian Nights.

© 2020 Clark Sanchez

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