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A Night of Silence

When I Make Every Attempt To Quiet My Mind

From a life filled with distractions

There is the t.v. and an easy push of a button

Off it goes

After a conversation with my wife

I ask for a little quiet time

She is more than happy to oblige

I look over at our cat Charlotte

A sleep and curled in a ball

Giving her a light soft pat on the head

I leave her content

I finish off a small bowl of Pistachios

So delicious and so hard to stop eating

A cold glass of water

Refreshing and drinking to the final sip

Folding the clothes out of the dryer

So I can dismiss my need to finish what I started earlier

Washing the dirty dishes in the sink

Finishing my chores for the night

A bathroom run

My body now at a more relaxed state

Changing into more comfortable clothes

That do not restrict or hinder

Shutting off the lights

Giving my eyes a much needed rest

Each new thought that enters in my mind

I simply acknowlege it's precense

Repeat the thought outloud

Then release it from my lips

Now listening to the humming of the laptop

I have to shut it off

My body loose and my arms dangling by my side

How to live

My brain is a blank slate

My soul

Open to peace and quiet

Welcoming love from all directions

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