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A New Month A New Opportunity

What Can We Do Different?

We see the weather change

We have no choice but to adjust

The weather is turning cooler

So we adapt

How come parts of the rest of our life are not as easy?

As we encounter a problem

The solution is right around the corner

Yet we seem to keep doing the same old routine

Is it because we look for the easiest way?

We don't really want to change?

It is not important and we let it slide?

We can say we are busy

Would that be an excuse or a real reason?

What if we think our life like a game show?

We have round after round of play

Filled with nonstop action

Every move we make decides how far we go

Carefully, putting all our skills to the test

We have the confidence and skill

Let us see if today will be any better

Tomorrow we get to tell