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A New Idea In The Making

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What Can it Possibly Be?

A touch of this and a touch of that

A splash of this and a splash of that

Whatever comes to mind

Digging deep into all my efforts

To make something magnificent

This is not good enough

I need something more

I need want other people to pick something they also desire

Something so incredible that they have wanted so bad

That they can taste it

How to turn this want and need into a wonderful thing ?

A strong desire turned into reality

In the past, we know it didn't happen

We have been disappointed and let down

Not this time

How do we make this time different?

Because we are not doing it alone

We are doing it together

Now that will give us the power to press on

To push beyond

We will have the support of each other

We can each obtain our goals

Think how great that will be?

Imagine what you have really wanted?

Don't lose sight of that picture in your mind

Because this is only the beginning

Of a long and beautiful road

That will have little detours and roadblocks

None that we will not overcome

From here on out

It is us against the world

Even though we make up the world

So it is actually the world becoming something special

Growing like a tree

Repeat after me

Over time we will see

Someone as incredible as me

Doing what I love best

Following my dreams

Helping others to do what they love

Step by step

Making the world better for all

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