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A New Day

Oh ye weaklings

Arise and become strong

For it is a new day

A new hope to be strong again

Let the sadist rejoice

The new day has come

Booming with goodies of joy

It is time to be glad again

Let the bee get to work

March down to the field

The new queen needs her army

Rise, it is a new day

TO the dweller of earth

A new day is here

Beware! It comes with new problem

Search carefully, there lies it answers

The wall corners summoned thee

Oh ye learner

Buckle you shoes

Don’t be late

Here comes a new day

A new grace to thee

Live it like the last

For no mortal know the morrow

Rejoice and be glad

The new path is open

New graces are born

For it is a new day

© 2017 Kolawole Taye Emmanuel