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A New Day And Time To Move Forward

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When The Thoughts That We Think Come And Go

As Often as the wind blows

It is a nice day out there

Too bad I won't see it

I have to work today

I get a little tease

As I walk on through the sunshine and the warmth

Then I go back inside for the next eight hours

Looking out the window at the real thing

Much like fish in a fish tank

Moving back and forth

Repeating my same steps over and over

At least they get to swim

We both seem happy

I get to leave

They never get to go anywhere

On with the rest of my day

Making the best of what time I have left

We all have jobs to go to

I am sure there are many other things we rather be doing

Our work provides us the opportunity

Then in our free time

We get to enjoy living the life we love

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