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A New Day And Time To Move Forward


When The Thoughts That We Think Come And Go

As Often as the wind blows

It is a nice day out there

Too bad I won't see it

I have to work today

I get a little tease

As I walk on through the sunshine and the warmth

Then I go back inside for the next eight hours

Looking out the window at the real thing

Much like fish in a fish tank

Moving back and forth

Repeating my same steps over and over

At least they get to swim

We both seem happy

I get to leave

They never get to go anywhere

On with the rest of my day

Making the best of what time I have left

We all have jobs to go to

I am sure there are many other things we rather be doing

Our work provides us the opportunity

Then in our free time

We get to enjoy living the life we love


DREAM ON (author) on May 19, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE The rain isn't coming till Sunday. Off today and tomorrow. Two beautiful days of sunshine. The sunshine Gods have granted your request. What do you do on your days off? I create my own problems and then create my own solutions. I am my worst enemy and my best friend. That is kind of strange situations I get myself into. Thank you for all your comments. They are a real pick me up. Adding the spice in my life. Have a great day. I hope work is going well.

DREAM ON (author) on May 19, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE I see all your nice comments and it sometimes takes me a few days to get back to you. I am heading outside for a little more fun in the sun. Even though now I wear a big farmer's hat because I had cancer of the ear and I was told to wear 50 or more sunblock and a hat. I still love the fresh air. I also have little hair left on the top; of my head and so it is easy to get burned there too. It's tough getting old. I learned to roll with the punches. Thank you for all your responses and tips. I hope your day goes well.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 18, 2021:

I pulled up your article to read your comment.

Sorry the forecast is calling for rain.

But enjoy your day off...sadly time doesn't wait for a sunny day.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 18, 2021:

Says i commented minutes ago...but that was 2 days ago.


DREAM ON (author) on May 18, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE I keep trying to find a connection to my day with the world around me. How funny it always turns out like that. I have to work today and it is beautiful and sunny. Tomorrow's chance of showers and it is my day off. (lol) Have a good day. Thank you for reading and sharing.

DREAM ON (author) on May 18, 2021:

Gypsy Rose Lee I would love to read that article. Thank you for sharing. I was outside today and yesterday cleaning up the yard. Trying to make small changes that can make a big difference. The weather is 79 degrees here and sunny. I hope you have a great night.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 16, 2021:

I like that analogy...with the fish.

I remember those days well & when I finally got a day off...it would rain.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on May 16, 2021:

Here's an article I wrote and posted on Medium you might like to read about my dad.


DREAM ON (author) on May 16, 2021:

Gypsy Rose Lee There is not a time I do not wonder. What I can do better. Each day like you trying to find my own niche. I am rooting for you in so many ways. You can't give up when you are so close to success on so many levels. In the past, you may see it as one struggle after another. I see it as one victory after another. You have never stopped. There is something so great that you will do anything and everything to show the world. I keep looking and waiting to see it all work out. Thank you for reading and caring. I hope your day continues to rock. Happy Sunday. I picture you walking along the beach then going back and writing one of the best stories you have ever written. Enjoying every part of your day.

DREAM ON (author) on May 16, 2021:

Umesh Chandra Bhatt How nice of you to come by and give me such beautiful comments. I try to see what other people miss. Then I sink my teeth into my day as if it was a wonderful Italian sub. I am starving and every bite tastes so good. I don't even want to put the sub down. Secretly I am afraid someone else might eat it. We can have so many thoughts in one day. Then there is work where we often do without thinking. We have a job to do and sometimes we have to pick up the pace and other times we can relax and take it slow. Every day back at it. Sometimes we don't want to be there. Other times we don't want to leave. Thank you so much for always sharing. I hope your morning goes great and your afternoon gets even better. Followed by a fantastic night.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on May 15, 2021:

I am certainly marching to my own music and leading my own parade day by day, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and all is well,

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on May 15, 2021:

Well said and well composed.

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