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A Nature Poem

Since the moment I held a pencil I've been creating with drawings and words. I believe paintings enlighten and poems entice our thoughts.

The Outdoors

We call them wonders of the world and understandably so when we look out at nature in all its amazing glory. Take that walk each day to soak in the scents, warmth, and energetic refreshment of the outdoors.




Soft whispers of cotton clouds

Entice the skies above

Colorful in their majestic stance

Peaceful as an inner spirit

They dance above the mountain-tops

Binoculars of scenic views.

A chime is heard throughout the herd

Animals interpret their valuable words

They watch like owls in hawkish manners

A cue to rummage into guarded stances

To protect, honor, and cherish

The breath of life they hold so dear.

The mosaic patterns of rocks

Stand rigid along a protective front

Like soldiers ready to guard their land

To shelter various varieties of patrons

From furry to reptilian and aviators in flight

Through the repetitious seasons of life.

The air is crisp in scented delights

A breeze so soft escapes on by

A brush of sensory wonder

Tranquility captures each strand of fiber

Nature in its natural magnificence

A known truth, which man can never imitate

A known truth, which man can never replace.

© 2022 Mary Borges

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