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A Name in Winter

Winter has passed...

In its valediction,

It whispered,

chilling than its breath, a name.

To the mind it never leaves,

it makes a home..

Everything froze with its feet by the doorway.

Though cold and harsh, the enchantment of a name makes a hearth.

"Name is Mystery,

Name is Away

Name is Regret,

Name is Inconspicuous,

Name brings Err"

A name that dances with the word


yet each step is calculated,

performed in the darkness of a theater.

To sway like wind,

To breeze into woven fabric was their dream..

Now gone for it remained a dream,

Never realized,

no chance of birth in reality.

A prayer...


May the gods will,

A name be

Remembered for

I wish

A name to be mine."

A name was hidden... Within a prayer...

Amongst gods and remembrance..

Winter was still kind...

though cold and unfeeling,

left a name to be mumbled in sleep,

to be seen in daydreams.


© 2018 Sir GoodRose

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