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A Mother's Tale - a Poetic Gesture to Express Feelings of a Mother

Prashasti is a working IT professional, who in her free leisure time can be found writing or reading poems, stories, articles.



Two tiny arms and those little legs,
Happy and bright faces surrounded by so many heads,
This day changed my life, with you holding my hand with those fingers so tight,
I cannot imagine that I am now someone more than a wife,
My life would change today as I become a mother to a child,
You are our doll and our soul,
You are the one who completes us and makes us whole,
You laughed, you cried, and then together we both got annoyed,
You grew into a chubby ball,
So soft and cute that sometimes I want to eat you all,
You learned how to crawl, with no clue that you would fall,
You took your first baby steps, holding our pet,
You smiled, you blabbered, you spoke your first words,
We heard, our hearts full of love, we watched you grow to a nerd,
You got spectacles at an early age,
And looked very cute even when you turned eight,
You admired boys thus learned karate and how to fight,
You scored well in school and were very bright,
We never got to know how you grew into an adult, and soon the years passed by,
We dealt through the struggles, but never let you know,
You enjoyed your life without any worries about spending money like a pro,
You were our star and will always be,
You also were a pure-hearted child who kept your promises to me,
You now work so hard and earn so well,
With a husband by your side who knows you like hell,
You soon will be a mother and a parent,
A responsibility that needs all your attention,
Both of us lived our lives for you,
We learned to grow and see the world through your eyes and you,
With years passing by, we grew old,
And you don't have time for us as everybody told,
You don't call your parents now and don't spend time,
I would never want your children to do the same with you as mine,
You love us, I know, and want to believe the same,
However, you forgot the efforts we put in you, and you give excuses so lame,
I wish I could spend those years, and time for me,
I could have saved time for myself from a child-like you so mean,
I request you to come back once and see that we still love you, and let's make a toast,
Let's meet and understand that now is the time when we need you the most,
We need you to hold our hands,
Like we did when you used to wet your pants,
You must come and hug us tightly,
And not let us go out of your sight,
You forgot us, and you think you can be happy,
Making your parents cry is not a good thing,
We will die, and you will be that lucky fish,
Who got everything she wanted and always wished,
But I know a day will come soon,
When your children will do the same with you,
That day you will cry and remember us so hard,
But sorry kid, we won't be near you to hold you tight,
Hence, I say to the kids out in the world,
Your parents give away everything to make you stand out of the herd,
Make them proud, make them happy, and be there for them,
Because they never let you down, whenever you cried and needed a friend,
Don't lose respect and love them even more,
As they grow old and have a lot to talk but cannot because of the mouth so soar,
Love them and treat them like your child,
Because now is the time when you need to hold them tight,
Don't leave them for dying alone,
But stay, love them, cherish them, make memories, till the time they are gone,
Let them go smiling and with glory,
I guarantee you will have nothing to lose, but life so holy,
Help your children learn to respect you, and adore,
And tell them that life is to enjoy,
I shared this with my daughter and thankfully got him back,
Only it needed a small moment of realization and a change to whatever lacked,
We now live together and have fun,
A Happy family is no myth,
One needs to learn, work on it else it will make you sick,
I again got a chance to hold those two tiny hands and tiny little legs,
This time it's my daughter's girl so pretty and so red,
Again, I became a grandmother,
Responsibility is no less than that of a mother,
I am happy and blessed to have my family,
We love each other the most without any doubt and need no more clarity,
Those tiny hands and legs make me cry,
Now I know I can happily die!

© 2021 Prashasti B

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