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A Most Silent Opinion

Some people don’t say anything
They just swallow it and don’t let it pass
It just sits there, weighing them down
But you can’t tell what they’re thinking

He doesn’t have to lie about anything
He doesn’t sort through truth or fantasy
As long as it stays in his head he stays inside
Talking too much opens too many doors

Maybe he’s not really scared to talk
He just doesn’t trust himself with you
Your opinion and the way you say it
He saved you from having to own it

Is he a blessing to himself or a deserter
Are his thoughts stored like ice long ago
Melting if he doesn’t quickly insulate them
From the world that tells him how to think

You might be shocked if you read his mind
The silence stacks the tension into blocks
Once they fall they clatter upon the floor
And you will say you can’t hear anymore