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A Monk and the Emperor


A monk, sitting under the tree

Looking cool, calm and stress free

Depth of wisdom is seen in his eyes

Absolute peace on his face

He is not in a hurry to go anywhere

Not worried about where to stay

While taking lunch he does not think about dinner

He is sure that God will arrange it

He does not stay at one place for long

He moves on and on

Sharing his knowledge with people

Never wants anything in return

He has full faith in his master

Having straight connection to the Almighty

He often looks up in the sky

As if he were asking God, what and why

He sings and praises God in his songs

Thanking God for all he has

The emperor sitting on his throne

Looks stressed, disturbed and tensed

Restlessness is seen in his eyes

Lines of worries are drawn on his face

So many people are at his service

But he is not finding peace

While taking meal he has so many dishes to eat

But he asks servants to taste and check the food

He cannot trust people around him

Always thinks about the conspiracy

Wherever he goes, can’t enjoy the beauty of nature

Every now and then looks around for enemies

He cannot sleep peacefully

Worried about his own security

When he prays to God,

He has so many things to complaint

He is never satisfied with what he has

So many things of pleasure he has

Are failed to give him the life of joy

Still pride of being an emperor in his mind

Difficult for him to be polite

A monk does not possess anything

But he has everything

His life is full of happiness

Though the emperor has everything

He has nothing

His life is lacking of a true sense of satisfaction.


© 2020 thoughtsprocess

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