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A Mistake

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And again, when I saw you,

I had to hold my breath to pass through.

A countdown movie started in my mind,

And for sometime I couldn't be blind.

I wanted to erase all I've done

All the things, I did for my fun.

Cause I realised that I've hurt many hearts.

Only thing I could do was to pray if my life could restart.

I wanted to apologize from all I have scorned

Wanted to get away from this dress of guilt that I've worn.

Yes! I am saying this, standing in front of mirror.

Cause she is someone full of errors.

Praying to God to give me one more chance,

I wanted to correct my errors at a glance.

But my heart knew I won't get any,

Cause I have been given many.

Now the thing I can do is to advise ya'll,

To not break someone's heart, at all.

Because people may not show.

But they are broken, I vow....


© 2019 Zara