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A Minister's Repose


On the stage of life, each day he stands, and is the Preacher Man,

Representing the best in humanity, speaking so all do understand.

Serving as a guide from heaven, he does the Good Lord's own work,

States the ways of life to live, every pilgrim, and not any job to shirk.

The reverend leads his flock all in song, each hymn sung just right,

Gives more meaning to his messages, as he tries with all his might.

Setting a fine example to see, while each day he's serving the Lord,

Shouting praises to God on high, of all grace, with his mighty sword.


The Father of us all, in His Heavenly abode, watches from on high,

As every soul, the reverend to save, just smiles, with a happy sigh.

Little children, each special one, preparing them for life of success,

Instructing the fathers and mothers of all, giving a life to be blessed.

Who is this preacher man so bold, and what does he have in mind,

Is all that he purports to be, telling others, not to sin, himself, in kind?

Does he fulfill, indeed, each letter we receive, promising us his best,

While on the outside we do abide, as all find false to that confessed?


Not this man, a good servant of the Lord, no finer one we may find,

As he lives each day in his positive way, never misdeeds, as blind.

The honest reverend, a devoted preacher, of God's word, all to bind,

A new day coming, one of seven in a week, gives us peace of mind.

The presenter in life's right road, always exemplary in his acts of love,

As before us, he stands, never reprimands, gets direction from above.

The sentinel of our lives give us a standard that thrives, leads the way,

This we may hold, within our hearts, as gold, in all that we do each day.


The preacher man, my own grandfather to me, is in my every thought,

Those trials of life, full of such strife, success comes as he has taught.

Just to remember the word, the scriptures to sustain us, in what we do.

The Grand Father of all, Lord God, Himself, to be there for me and you.

As another beautiful sunset comes, the reverend sits reading The Book,

The Holy Bible, revered stories it tells, before retiring, gives another look.

The majesty and wonder of our Creator, we all see most every new day,

Brilliant colors of this world, He does unfurl, always are there on display.


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