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A Message to the New Generation, Words That You'll Never Hear

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

A Message to the New Generation

I want the children to listen

As I watch them

With glistening eyes


In the pond of life

Searching for meaning

And only reeling


Suffering and strife

I want to tell these kids

To rid of their poles

And give up

The search

For they will never be content

From the content

Of the pool


It is

But life was never meant to be observed

Even though we feel we deserve

An answer

To the terminal cancer

Called life

My advice?


Live and discover a passion

And imagine

A future

Where you’re the

Happiest person alive

Then turn it into reality

Promise me

You’ll steer


Of the lavish life of luxury

With the absurd amounts of

Flammable paper



Just to actively

Produce money

Should be a sin

Look within

Do what you love

And that

Sweet children

Should be enough

Words That You’ll Never Hear

Confused emotions

Causing a commotion

Coating my mind with delusional thoughts

Tugging at my heart at the usual spots

Lots and lots

Of problems arise

It's do or die

When these emotions come by

And it’s all because of you

When it’s you and I

I forget how to count






I will do anything just to impress you

Not to undress you

But to show that I care

No amount of drugs

Or attempts at finding other loves

Have worked

I just keep coming back to you

Like a clock

You have my mind rocked

Swirling over and over

Hurricane season

You are the reason

That I even




Love you

I do

I don’t

I won’t

I can’t

Because losing you is a wish I won’t grant

Our friendship would be in danger

I’m no stranger

To how these things play out

There’s no need for a thesis

I hand you my heart

You bring it back in pieces

Awkwardness parades on

Until our friendship officially ceases

Leave this hypothetical

I know it all too well

Life would be hell

If you were gone


An impossibility

You leaving

I do not fear

For, these are words

That you will never hear

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