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You've Got a Message "Re: Pressing Matter"


All mistakes are intentional, even those that are not.

Understand at your own discretion.

Dedicated to Maja Dežulović

Spoiler Alert # Zero

This Is Neither

This is neither a poem nor an essay

It’s an invitation for a conversation,

A mental piece

It’s a coffee table open letter

Compulsory for every guest to read

It’s a Facebook status that spilled over

Into a messy hub-bituation fallout

It’s a speech with a screech

A patch with a scratch

Neither polished nor thought over

Well, maybe a little

Well... I just could not help myself


Strategic Positioning

I’m placing this magnificent mental peace

In the mental health section

Because only mental health challenged

Aka mental health lack thereoves

Can get away with non-standard (read creative) formats

Intentional Is

Intentional is lack of punctuation

When we talk, we don’t “see” punctuation

Capitalization or whatnot

And we do just fine, don’t we?

Intentionals Are

Intentional are blocks of speech

I chose to write as I speak

Not in full sentences or paragraphs

But in packets of five to seven words

Heavy on unnecessary repetition

The way spoken language works

These days

Overwhelmed by progress

and chocking on information pollution

We no longer read

We scan instead

So, I dare say

That my way of writing

Is not up to date

It is up to the future

Me being far ahead of the progress and all

Whiling Away

While attention span decreased

Amount of writing increased

We write more than we read

Because let’s face it

Writing is more addictive than reading

Spoiler Alert #1: It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Text is subject to update without notice

As I was writing this piece

I lost focus

So you can stop reading now

If you managed to get this far, that is

Which I seriously doubt

If You Can Think

If you can think of any other disclaimers

Necessary and otherwise, please let me know

In the Communication Lounge

aka Comments Section

If you don’t read this magnificent opus,

You miss a spectacular opportunity

To meet an exceptionally unique person

Wallowing in her sparkling non-senselessness

In other words, you won’t miss much

Facebook: Mystery Woman, Mystery Talk

Who is this lady?

I don't know. I took the picture, Maja wrote the text.


Why is this lady sitting alone?

Were you with her and then got up to take the photo?

Or was she sitting across from you?

Maybe the person she sat with got up just before this moment. If she's alone, why? Work break?

Some time before picking up the kids from school?

You don't have to answer.

I'm playing guessing games at your photos.

It's kind of fun!

Photo Tripping #1

Dear reader, if you read this Mental Piece, you are better off looking away

Dear reader, if you read this Mental Piece, you are better off looking away

The Wheels of Forrrr-cebooking



Like toilet paper

Keeps rolling, rolling, rolling

Keeps turning, turning, turning

Keeps yearning, yearning, yearning

Oh, no, it’s a song

It has nothing to do with anything

Just post it on Facebook and move on

Nobody cares.

Moving on,

Just like

Just like any social media

Facebook is a Palace of Insanity

Where the Madness party goes on 24/7

Year in and year out

“Hello. My name is...

“Who is this?”

According to Facebook, I am and I do Mostly This

 I find the word "Dasein" especially endearing.

I find the word "Dasein" especially endearing.

I am your friend and my name is Facebook

Yet I could never manage

A conversation with Facebook

No matter how many times it tried

“What’s on your mind?” asks Facebook

“Hell if I know”, says I

“How are you feeling?” continues Facebook

“What do you care?” says I

“We care about you,” insists Facebook

“Really? Why?”

Never Have I Been to Either Japan Or Brazil

But Facebook

But Facebook is wonderful say other people

It allows me to have 6,000 friends

Without Facebook I would never ever ever

Share, talk or post

Or get lost in time

By watching an infinite roll of videos

Which I can easily do without

Or having conversations

Which I can easily do without

Lengthy pointless infuriating conversations

With people I neither know

Nor care about

I am no different

Just like many other people

I am glad that Facebook exists

Just like many other people

I was hurt and wounded

By doing stupid things on it

Just like many other people

I thought that Facebook was a waste of time

It Can Happen to You

No Matter

No matter how much I might regret

Saying things I wished I didn’t say

Or losing things I wished I had saved

No matter how much I hate or love

Magnificent Graffiti on my wall

The wheel keeps turning, turning,

My wall keeps rolling, rolling,

And I keep yearning, yearning

To get it all back

Why on earth?

My son tells me, “You keep EVERYTHING”

Implying that I am a hoarder

Which I am not

I only keep things of value

What has value to me?

What Has Value to Me?

Memories, memories, memories...

Social media changed the way we communicate

Writing is faster

Thinking is slower

Remembering is impossible

Writing became verbose and repetitive

We don’t remember what we said

When, where, why, to whom

And most importantly


Social Alert #3: Things Spin out of Control

Who has time, patience and wits

To keep track of all what’s been said

On social media?



There were experiments on rats

Their brains were wired in a way

That by pressing a button

They experienced a climatic pleasure

They kept pressing the button

They did not eat, they did not sleep

They did not do anything else

They kept pressing the button

Until dropping dead from exhaustion

We thought or were told

Wait, where did I read this?

That, ha-ha-ha, rats died from pleasure

Well, they did not

They were not driven by pleasure

Rats became slaves of repetition

Were they to discontinue their pressing frenzy

They would experience withdrawal

And we all know how well it goes

But that’s rats, right?

It's Not What I Am Talking About

See? I Got Addicted to This Song

We Are, Ha-Ha-Ha

We are no different

The nature of addiction is the same for all

We keep pressing buttons

Soon enough there is no pleasure

We crave repetition

We keep pressing buttons

Driving ourselves to insanity

Into the ground

And dying from exhaustion

Sounds familiar?


Not funny, not funny at all

Typing, Typing, Typing

So, we get addicted to pressing buttons

Aka typing, writing, communicating

Everywhere with everyone

We keep writing, writing, writing

Endlessly repeating ourselves

Pages keep rolling, rolling, rolling...

Disappearing in the digital maze

Yet we keep pressing buttons, keys

Contributing to digital communicative pollution

Turning ourselves

into the Generation “I cannot take it anymore” zombies

While the speed of this Informational Madness picks up

Is It Any Surprise That You Are Crazy and I Am Out of My Mind?

Even When I Lose I'm Winning

We keep pressing buttons

Saying the same thing

Over and over and over

Again and again and again

While forgetting why are we doing it?

We lose, lose, lose...

And I hate losing my stuff

I hate thinking that what I have written

I have written in vain

By creating more and more

We lose more and more

My Dear What's Your Name?

Or So I Thought

Until one day Facebook asked me

Do you remember that five years ago today

You met such and such person?

No, I don’t, but thank you for reminding me

That I have to remove him from my Friends List

I get a reminder and an opportunity

To delete, to clean up the “so many years ago created mess”

Yet I rarely do

I always hesitate

Hesitation means indecision

Indecision means ambivalence

No, it doesn’t

Wrong word,

Who cares?

Moving on,

Indecision leads to inaction

And so it stays

Because it will disappear soon enough

Your Nemesis

Or So I Thought - Refrain

Until I realized that

Facebook is keeping tabs

It remembers everything

And if I wish to see my memories (I do)

I can

Only as a string of todays

One year ago today

Two years ago today

All the way

to my very first year on Facebook


At first I was simply curious,

Then often embarrassed,

Grateful that I could save things

I wished I had saved back then

Euphoric that I could delete things

I wished I had never posted in the first place

Well, little by little

More or less consistently

I began dating myself on Facebook

Donde Estas Yolanda?

Take a Hint

Where are you, where are you, Yolanda?

What happened, what happened, Yolanda?

I have looked for you, Yolanda,

And you are not there



I am still addicted to button-pressure

But now I spend too much time on

Cleaning up what should not float

In the Triple Double You

My speech is getting slurry

My vision is getting blurry

This is the point

(There is no point here)

Special Alert # "I Lost Track"

My time is up

And off I go

And when I go

I go off

How is this relevant?

How is anything at all relevant?

End of transmission and

Over to you, my Mystery


For Those Who Fell Asleep

"Todo pasara, Maria".

Everything will pass.

Such is life. Such is life

I concur

© 2016 kallini2010

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