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A Memorial Day Poem: Wounded Soldier

Mark Tulin is a baseball fan from Philadelphia, PA. He has four books of poetry and one short story collection, available on Amazon.


Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday that honors and mourns those who served in the military. People who fought in wars often come home injured physically or emotionally from all the trauma they witnessed. Many don't come home at all. Memorial Day is a time to preserve their memory.

Wounded Soldier, by Mark Tulin

Come here wounded soldier

Let me dress your wounds

Let me remove the arrows

from your heart

The shrapnel from your eyes

Let me give you a small comfort

A reprieve from all that is wrong

with the world

Let me offer you a blessing

right by the train tracks,

at your gravesite

The cross white and bold

The grass overgrown

A bouquet of flowers on Memorial Day

that signifies all your battles

lost and won.


© 2021 Mark Tulin

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