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A Matter of When


When is enough, so much more than enough,

And is decided more than a mind can bear?

After going beyond all the strongest of those,

And now who all seem to just sit and stare?

Must there be a decision made by the majority,

Of such an importance not only by just a few?

Will it take a collision of several strong minds,

To perform what only one mind can surely do?

Will our new tomorrow have a chance to come,

By what actions we all decide we may do today?

Or could we be doomed to the end of all times,

Now only in dark shadows we all to fade away?

Must we be as lame, or deaf, or surely as blind,

When we everyone then have an ability to act?

Should we now write and to speak our thoughts,

Making a just protest to madness, in being exact?


Must history of all men to be overshadowed,

So written by what that only one has done?

Or is there a way to take back a ship's helm,

And steer a national craft far, well on beyond?

Can we withstand such a blundering moment,

Or as a faux pas, this to be done so constantly?

When all's world's at stake, for Heaven's sake,

Can there be not an end, as onward incessantly?

Should our children lose all faith in their futures,

Where seemingly there's no hope left to be had?

How may we then so justify this to our beloved,

When their poor inheritance does appear so sad?

Reality merits that there to be such a reckoning,

No more of falseness or of an imagined repose.

One united people always do so deserve the best,

And this is a solution not left to be as supposed.


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