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A Magical Escape

Author loves travel, books, music, photography, poetry, all of which are the inspiration for her compositions.


A Magical Escape

Coffee cup on the table, reading glasses on

In a quiet corner that only to her is known

Held in hand is a classic masterpiece

Bound to take her to some other place

She turned the page and there at once

Appeared the heroine with a magic wand

And there he is that red-haired boy

A rat he favors as a toy

With them she roamed the castle grounds

And there Alas! The missing one was found

Green-eyed with a toothy grin

Arms outstretched he welcomed them

Known to many as ‘the boy who lived’

To meet his parents he oh so craved

His forehead marked with a lightning-shaped scar

He would later escape in a flying car

To another world they then took off

Greeted by a giant with a heart so soft

A choosy wand, a hat that talks

Moving pictures, a ghost that sulks

Rearranging stairs, flying brooms

A wishing mirror in a vanishing room

Giants, spiders, dragons, snakes

Ghosts, mermaids, plants that squeak

Memories kept safe in a flask

A time-turner for days gone past

A cloak with which to play hide and seek

A gift of a map from the kings of mischief

The three of them seem to always find

The worst of troubles that can come to mind

No other than you-know-who and all his guise

In his quest to be the greatest wizard alive

Encounters with a two-faced man

A monster hidden in his turban

The scattered fragments of his soul

He fervently wish to be restored

A stone with which the dead it can resurrect

A book that through hidden words can speak

A locket the purpose of which is to cloud

One’s judgment through fears and doubts

A cursed ring, a gem, symbols of royalty

A cup, control by means of a prophecy

The green-eyed boy's death he sought through all these

Power and immortality his greatest desire and wish

They stood their ground, hard they fought

For peace to reign and deaths be not for naught

They’ve come together – friends and family

And others of goodwill in the wizarding community

A feathered friend that’s an owl

A wizard that at night would howl

A known murderer who from prison cell has escaped

Whose death they couldn’t help but mourn and weep

A hero thought of as a foe

The departed who returned to lend a hand or two

Everyone else who with their lives have sworn

To never let the battle be by darkness won

Love and goodness at last prevailed

Chants and spells were to their aid

Now they can finally live in peace

And to the fallen pay respect

With a smile she closed the final book

Without realizing it she got so hooked

Watching the sun set she started to ponder

“What kind of world will it be tomorrow?” she wondered


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