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A Machiavellian Friend’s


Don’t you break down, my friend
For that who don’t identify
The definition of friendship!
Who will shift within seconds?
For no reason.

Who will follow? Whoever’s
Order, like a secretary.
Who will react like an
Anonymous person!
So tune in carefully!
Looked at the mirror
What do you think,
who you are?

I am not you, and
I don’t prefer to be as cheap
As you are! Looked at
the mirror, my EX-friend
He will give you your reality
Check, and don’t you dare?
To forecast my destiny.

I will take care of it
I know how far l come
And I know how far I choose
To travel and I wish,
To become a writer and for your
Kind information. I am the
writer of the poem –
Machiavellian Friend!

& many poems and stories.

This is not for you, my ex

Friend, you don’t deserve
my words - this is to say -
An official adieu! Form
My side, from my thoughts!

- Akansha Agrawal

© 2022 Akansha Agrawal

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