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Memorial Day, a Day Set Aside to Honor Our Military Heroes; Those Who Never Made It Back Home

God Bless America, Land that I Love, Stand beside her and guide her, thru the night, with a Light from above...




Putting it all in context, via a poem.

Not quite! I don't think so.

I could never adequately put into words, the magnitude of such sacrifice from those who serve to protect, knowing that there may a come a time, when their return home, to the Country they deem worthy of fighting for, could be in a casket

That doesn't deter them in the least, because what they do isn't a job, it's a calling, they are born for it!

A unique and special breed, Warriors, the best, the brightest, the strongest, the finest!

One day per year we recognize these unique individuals, those who have died in service to their Country; they've said their last goodbye, hugged their last hug, kissed their last kiss, smiled their last smile, said their last, I love you...their last...I'll be back before you know it.

Although, we honor them only one day per year, many get it wrong, many confuse it with Veterans Day and/or with other military holidays. Isn't this one, we should always get right, folks?

I dedicate this poem to the unselfish, the few, the proud, the brave and to all those left behind, who loved them so.....

Their sacrifice does not go unnoticed, they are thought about and revered much more than those of you left behind, will ever know!

Thank you!


Honoring those, who never made it back home

There is a certain debt we owe; but it is one, which we will never be able to repay

it's owed to those who laid down their lives, those who we honor every Memorial Day

To the friends, the families, all of the many loved ones, you whom have been left behind;

your friend, your child, your spouse, your Dad, was a special kind of hero, a very rare find

It is they, who we give honor, on this particular day,

for they went above and beyond, in every possible way

Nothing greater did they have to give, than the precious life they gave

How many brothers and sisters in arms; how many lives did they save

with their unselfish service, their unselfish way

seems so petty to just say thank you, once a year, on Memorial Day

With a vow to never forget them, we live out our lives in peace and we know

it's the heroes lost in battle who paid the greatest price, that make and keep it so

As long as we have heroes, those willing to lay down their lives, in order to keep us free

there will be a Blessed Nation of people, as grateful as they can be

so with that grateful heart comes a thank you, a thank you to all who have answered the call

but, the last Monday in May, will be kept aside to honor, those who answered and ultimately.....gave all!

AB Williams

Some Gave All

Jesus Christ Died for our Sin and American Soldiers Died for our Freedom

© 2018 A B Williams