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A Lovely Lie

What truth i see always defy,
To believe in You which is a lie.
Blind enough to be trapped in a kiss
I drank the dark potion of a Scarlet witch.
All I made was beautiful rhymes
But you deceived me a billion times
To me your body was a Shrine
But truly There was nothing devine
I was a man standing in a next row
It was time for you to reap what I sow.
I believed you are a gem so rare
But You are on top of vanity fair.
Kept dagger in invisible sheath
And tortured me in my every breath.
I covered you from bullet shot
You said"it's all I have got".
You have shown disdain over night
But I made you my Aphrodite.
I gave you my life and soul all
But you'd no worry of my heart at all
With you I was only a lie
A burning sun in the night sky
No matter how heard I try
You will never ever comply
Now there is no love, no lie
Now the truth is only "I".

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