A Love To Rebuild

Updated on December 20, 2017

The Roman empire flavan made dynasty with chariots of racing for the love of building hearts came the ton of bricks the love comes how the heart ticks

To rebuild could take a lifetime to rekindle can make a heart mend.To rebuild all over the states and countries we must sustain love boundaries

Such detailed structure

Something was kept

anonymous Ideas formed


A treasure so precious

Just a taste

We Crave deliciously

Like a subject of art like a

"Compendium" how it all started

In Rome the Coliseum

Became a hypothesis

Filled with layers of love

Opulence minds got together

So concrete to lay the stones

Secret love words of prophets

Italian wine of goblets

Such confidence he was built

to the heights, she couldn't take her eyes

off of him such detail to his structure

Like an Acropolis but it came

with consequences and romances

Love pain to go the distance

Like his state of an inner mind

She's on the outskirts to build

better love of humankind

Like a brain to function

The Orient of trains to rebuild your love

He met you at the junction

Real Estate being resold

But your foundation was

changing Victorian old

Everything became habitual

inform, it left you with more ultimatums

This was an art with the best alterations

We strive to get somewhere rules lead us

To believe what to become

Someone is not built to

your decoration

On the outside, it looks perfect

but inside it's a totally different subject

To rebuild again but it became emptiness

What's inside your conscious

nothingness but it rebuilds again

to godliness

Woe on your lovers' eyes

He builds up your heart

like a Universe




Raw- piece to build on music

Devilish- hot welder

How we treat ourselves

we build out the foundation

Procreation on a mission

It's a many friendship sacrificial

We are family loyalty of eminence

We work hard to build something


of the Providence

Our world holds together


This became a masquerade in Italy sexy raw piece of music new art renovation.How we built something is internal becomes natural with signification like a party

The Roman Empires the time of man power the civilizations how carefully built to perfection.

© 2017 Robin Carretti


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