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A Love Song: My Angel, My Dove

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Composer's Foreword

That special one, the one who makes one's heart happy deserves a good song.

I have come up with this song trusting that the heart that loves will enjoy the wordings of the song. For I know that it is not easy to find a heart that genuinely be in love and when one finds one, one should do his her best making the person glad.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) Coming across you is a miracle

Yea an outstanding miracle

For this I 've been praying for

All my days b'fore I met you


With my whole...

2) It's blessing when you agreed

Agreed that you 'll be mine alone

Staying in my life

Truly is a great blessing


With my whole...

3) You are the tree that gives me shade

From the scorching rays of Sun

You 're my scarlet cloth

That covers me during the snow


With my whole...

4) Our love is from the womb

From the womb of our mothers

Our love is deep

It's a love that comes from on high


With my whole...

5) Neither in darkest of the nights

Nor in the brightest of the lights

Nothing whatsoever

Can change position of your love in my heart


With my whole...

6) My heart knows to whom it belongs

Yea it belongs to you my joy

My royal diadem

My delight, darling and pride




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