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A Love Now Dead


A Poem

I know why you’re here
leaving flowers at our grave
you’re too afraid to admit it
stubborn as always

no one can know
about your dirty little secret
you want to feel my love
but you’re too afraid to keep it

you believe it can’t be so
the logic isn’t there
but I know how you feel
I feel the same despair

if you want to revisit
all that was buried
say it now spit it out
it’s become much too heavy

uncovering our remains
your heart breaks at the sight
our love now is gone
vanished beneath moonlight

I’m a thing of the past
no one can understand
so you begin to weep for lost love
that died at your hand

you let it die
so let me let go
put it all to rest
don’t dig up our past
just to relieve
your loneliness

a secret you keep
the love you hide
bury it again
where no one
can find it


Lorna Lamon on February 26, 2020:

Such a poignant poem Elise where you can feel the loss within the lines. Beautifully written.

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