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A Long Ride Home


We Made It Happen

Working late the night before

Driving on the road early

Finding new ways to get along with difficult co-workers

Dealing with the heat in a hot kitchen

Busy times push us to the edge

Little misunderstandings just happen

Each has its problems

That takes time to solve

The benefits out way the negatives

So we keep doing what we know best

When we have our tough times

It is so important to keep in mind

Our strength comes from within

We listen, watch and learn

Coming home to leftovers

Makes supper a breeze

We are both hungry and don't have to cook

Kicking back and watching a little t.v. together

Sums up our Saturday

Where we give each other a big hug and a smile


DREAM ON (author) on August 21, 2021:

Gypsy Rose Lee That is awesome. Five times the love. When I get down and out. I pat Charlotte. Then to my surprise, she gets up and walks away, and lays down a few feet away. I don't think I will ever figure her out. When she wants love she is in my face. When she has had enough. She doesn't hold back. Off she goes. Back to her little corner of the world. A world built on kindness will never crumble. Other people may not see it at first that is o.k. we know eventually they might come around. We are just putting our love out there. Deep down we always knew it would be found. Thank you for seeing me through. Leaving nice comments picks me up when I fall. The greatest things in life are peace, love, and happiness for all. Five days later and send you big hugs and smiles to keep you happy for a while. Happy Saturday.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on August 15, 2021:

That is the best way to end a day with a big hug and a smile, I get 5 furry faces looking up at me and meows,

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